How does distance affect the gravity of an object on another object?

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The gravitational force of attraction between two objects decreases as the distance between the objects increases, by a squared factor. For example, if the distance between two objects doubles the force of attraction will be 1/4 of what it  was previously, decreasing by a factor of 2 squared.

Here's the equation for finding the gravitational force of attraction between two objects:

`F = G (m_1m_2)/d^2`

G is the universal gravitational constant, which has a value of

`6.67 x 10^-11 (N m^2)/(kg)^2`

The force of gravity between two objects also depends on the mass of the two objects, which are represented by m1 and m2 in the equation. Each of the two objects exerts this same force on the other object, even if their masses are unequal.

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