How does Dick use his charm to get money from retailers so that he and Perry can afford to continue their journey to Mexico? 

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As they make their escape to Mexico, Dick and Perry stop at stores where Dick can really "con a guy."

  • For one, the clerk in a Kansas City, Missouri, clothing store was especially gullible because Dick joked with him and convinced the clerk that he was helping Perry buy clothes for his upcoming wedding to a wealthy young woman. "The salesman 'ate it up'" and it was not long before Perry had a wardrobe. When the clerk presented a bill, Dick acted as though he had forgotten his wallet, so the clerk foolishly handed him a blank check which Dick filled out for eighty dollars more than the amount of the bill.
  • From there, they went to the Best Jewelry store and "bought" with another false check a diamond engagement ring and a diamond wedding ring, which they promptly pawned.
  • Then, they went to another jewelry store, and this time it was a gold man's wristwatch that was "bought."
  • At Elko Camera Store, they "bought" an expensive movie camera.
  • They "bought" several television sets
  • Dick and Perry hit several clothing stores and, as the stores all closed, the two men had their pockets full of money as well as a car piled high with salable items or those that could be pawned. 

As tricky and murderous as Dick is, however, he is worried that his father will be shown all the bad checks.

"He'll want to make them good. Like he tried to before. And he can't--he's old and he's sick, he ain't got anything." 

And as cold-bloodied as Perry was on the night of the robbery, he is touched that Dick worries about his old father. "'I sympathize with that," said Perry truthfully.'"