How does Dill show courage during the first 11 chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird?Please answer in essay format.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most of Dill's "courage" shows up in the various ways that the children attempt to get a look at the mysterious (and possibly dangerous) Boo Radley. It is Dill who first suggests that they "try to make him come out." It is Dill who dares Jem to run up and touch the side of the Radley House. Dill first suggests that they play their new "Radley Game," one that could land them in trouble if anyone discovers what it is about. Dill goes along with Jem's plan to attach a note to a fishing pole in order to pass a message to Boo's window, and Dill is ready and willing to go along on their after hours raid to the Radley's back porch. After Jem loses his pants, Dill comes up with the story that they are playing "strip poker," knowing that it would keep Atticus from knowing the truth, but get him in trouble with his Aunt Rachel at the same time.

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