How does Dexter Green in "Winter Dreams" compare with the author, F. Scott Fitzgerald?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think one of the principal parallels that we can draw between the protagonist of this excellent short story and the author is the way in which Fitzgerald himself fell in love with his wife, Zelda, who captured the beauty, glamour and wealth of the upper class life that he then went on to lead in the same way that Judy Jones is described as representing wealth and social prestige to Dexter Jones. Note the following quote:

Judy Jones, a slender enameled doll in cloth of gold: gold in a band at her head, gold in two slipper points at her dress's hem. The fragile glow of her face seemed to blossom as she smiled at him.

Note the way that in this quote the gold acts as a symbol of Dexter's dreams and the elusive glamour that Judy represents. The way that Fitzgerald fell in love with his wife represents a similar attraction, where the women that both men fell in love with stand for so much more than just being the objects of affection. Both Dexter and Fitzgerald were involved in World War I, and both likewise pursued the American Dream with tragic results, as Fitzgerald had to cope with the madness of his wife and his own breakdown just as Dexter had to suffer the loss of his dreams and hopes.