How does the development of the Aztec empire compare/contrast in similarities/differences with that of the Roman empire?

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Both empires were noted for their monuments and infrastructure improvements. Both empires had to manage water: Rome used its aqueduct system to maintain its capital, and the Aztecs had a system of floating gardens. Religion was quite important to both societies and both had a pantheon of gods. Both societies were also very militaristic, with large standing armies that were used to take over the surrounding areas. Both civilizations were also famous for their trade; Rome traded with cultures as far away as China, and there is evidence that Aztec traders reached well into North America. Outsiders were also instrumental in bringing down these civilizations; Spanish conquistadors collaborated with neighboring tribes to subdue the Aztecs, while Germanic tribes were instrumental in the fall of Rome.

The Aztecs were mainly led by their priest class and emperor. While the Roman empire was largely emperor-driven, Rome existed as a Republic before this period. The Roman navy was quite a...

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