How does Delores decide to move on from the incident?

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Dolores Driscoll moved on from the accident by refusing to engage in any legal recourse. She believed that lawsuits would do much damage not only to the victims but also to the entire community. Her sentiments were supported by Billy Ansel who also rejected the idea of legal recourse because such an action would delay the healing process.

In the story, Dolores, wife to Abbott, was the driver of a bus which suffered a tragic accident when she swerved to avoiding hitting a dog she allegedly saw. The accident resulted in the fatalities of 14 children and serious injuries to the survivors. A lawyer in town, who was determined to mount legal suits for the parents, avoided implicating Dolores as the cause of the accident, given her exemplary career and being a model citizen. However to save the city from all the lawsuits and the implications they presented to the community, one of the survivors, a 14 year old girl who was paralyzed after the accident, falsified her testimony stating that Dolores was speeding when the accident occurred, in order to stop the lawyer's pursuit.