How does Decius's argument change Caesar's mind about going to the senate in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar? Ethos, Logos, Pathos?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Decius is a brilliant man. He recognizes that flattery causes a man like Caesar to act. Decius sets a trap by using flattery. When Caesar explains to Decius that he will not go to the Senate because of Calpunia's fears, Decius first ridicules Caesar. He asks him what will the people think at having given in to his wife's fears. 

Caesar explains Calpurnia's dream. In her dream, Caesar's statute was spurting blood and the people were bathing their hands in Caesar's blood. Calpurnia begged Caesar not to stir out of the house today. Caesar had decided to give in to her fears and stay home. Decius used wit and flattery to trap Caesar into going to the Senate. 

Decius explained Calpurnia's dream in a positive manner. He explained the blood spurting from Caesar's statute was a symbol of refreshing as the people bathed their hands in the life giving source. Caesar liked Decius' interpretation of the dream. He then questioned Calpurnia by asking her did she now feel foolish with such a positive interpretation from Decius. 

Decius is brilliant in his interpretation and he changes Caesar's mind about going to the Capitol:

Decius reinterprets the dream in a way that highlights Caesar's importance to Rome. When Caesar has heard this interpretation, along with Decius's mentioning that the Senate is thinking of offering Caesar the crown, he announces that he has changed his mind and will go to the Capitol.

Again, Decius uses flattery to seduce Caesar. His flattery works as Caesar is convinced to go to the Capitol. 

darshika25 | Student

In Julius Caesar,Ceasar is very much enticed by flattery,though he denies the fact.This is the only weapon that Decius uses in order to convince him to go to the capitol.

When Decius entered Caesar's place,he came to know that he won't go to the capitol and when he asked him for a reason Ceasar told him that Calpurnia had a dream about his death thrice.

Firstly, Decius makes fun of the dream of Calpurnia and re interpretes it in such a way that Ceasar realises that he made a big mistake in believing Calpurnia.

Dream of Calpurnia:Calpurnia dreamed that blood was gushing out of Ceasar's statue and that Romans were bathing their hands in it.

Re-interpretation of the dream by Decius:Decius explained that the dream of Calpurnia was a good sign and that it signifes that Ceasar's blood was like a life giving source.

On hearing this Caesar was flattered and and on top of that Decius told him that the Senate has decided to crown him as king and if he is not going to the capitol,they might change their mind.Thus in this way Ceasar was convinced.


ladybug920 | Student

Decius gives Caesar a completely different interpretation of the dream. He makes the dream more positive for Caesar, convincing him that he should go to the Capitol. He gives him the vision of the statue and the blood as the people relishing in rejoice of his life.

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