How does Decius persuade Caesar to attend the Senate?

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Decius understands how to play Caesar like a proverbial fiddle in Act 2 of “Julius Caesar”. Seeing that Calphurnia has convinced Caesar to stay away from the Senate, Decius without missing a beat plays on Caesar’s ego using several tactics that manipulate Caesar brilliantly. First he reinterprets Calphurnia’s dreadful (and prescient) dream of Caesar’s murder, saying that it should be interpreted only symbolically, that in the dream Caesar’s blood represents the new life and vigor he will infuse all of Rome with. For good measure, he also deploys two other strategies: tempt Caesar with the promise of a coronation in the Senate, and imply that he will be seen as cowardly if his wife’s nightmare is enough to keep him home. It’s a multi-pronged attack on Caesar’s ego, and Caesar falls for it completely, striding toward the Senate where the conspirators – and his doom – are waiting for him.

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