How does the decision making process on the farm change under Napoleon's leadership?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The decision making process on the farm becomes more centralized under Napoleon's rules.  Snowball's "committees" which consisted of different animals troubleshooting solutions to different problems on the farms are gone.  Napoleon does not speak of the theoretical underpinnings of the revolution to the other animals in large groups or individually like Snowball did, so this "town hall" approach to decision making is also gone.  The weekly meetings in which animals were able to voice their grievances are also gone, as they have become settings for Napoleon's "cult of personality" style of leadership to emerge. Napoleon rules out of fear over the other animals.  Dissent and disagreement end up resulting in death from the dogs, as seen in the public "confessions" in chapter 7.  Napoleon's consolidation of power results in a decision making process that is more singular in focus, and more dictatorial in nature.  Napoleon forges alliances, makes decisions about the farm's future, and executes his policies without input from animals and without any institutional checks or balances.  Napoleon designed it in this manner, understanding that once Snowball was removed from the farm, there would be no other impediment to full exercise of his power.  This translated into a more centralized vision of making decisions in his rule over the farm.

emilycarroll860 | Student

As Napoleon starts gaining more control over the farm, he starts changing the decision-making process without the other pigs noticing. He does this with changing them once without reasoning and suspension. I clearly understood why he did this and this was over control

ar13tie | Student

Napoleon rares 9 dogs secretly and after that when Snowball was telling the animals about his inventive project,Snowball hears angry grows of apack of dogs and later on he was being chased awy from the farm.After the expulsion of Snowball,Napoleon ten takes Snowball"s plans to be his.Napoleon and the other pigs took their residence,meals in the farm house and Napoleon changesall the 7 commandments except,"What ever goes upon an animal with 4 legs is a friend .One day the animals heard that the pigs woke up an hour later after the other animals had woken up this shows Napoleon"s power because he had made the decision.He used Snowball as a scapegoat to all the damages and challengesthey faced. 

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