How do data collection techniques integrate with teaching and learning in a classroom?

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I think that data collection techniques need to integrate with modern construction of teaching and learning.  Right now, so much of modern teaching and learning is animated by data driven techniques.  Data collection techniques integrate with teaching and learning because they are meant to drive instruction.  The fundamental question that teaching and learning revolves around effectiveness in the classroom.  Is the instruction model effective?  Is the intervention effective?  Is the style of instruction effective?  These questions are addressed with data collection techniques.  This is where data collection integrates with teaching and learning.  It provides the answer to the fundamental question of effectiveness in the classroom setting.  

Data collection techniques are becoming a large part of teacher evaluations.  Teachers are becoming collectors and surveyors of data as it relates to student performance.  Data collection techniques have become the driving force behind instruction, curriculum adoption, and teacher training.  In recognizing how powerful data collection techniques have become to the modern teacher, it is clear how it integrates within the modern construction of teaching and learning.  

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