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How does the culture influence an organization that operates within it? How should I start a paper on it?

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This is a good question. If you are aiming to write a paper on this topic, then you must have a strong thesis statement and argue for it throughout your whole paper.

With that said, I believe that culture does influence all organizations. To determine if an organization or business will fail or succeed, a person needs to know something about the culture. The reason for this is simple. Each culture has a sense of what is wrong and right. In other words, each culture has a commonsense world view or a moral idiom. This commonsense world view also differs from culture to culture.

So, if you were going to start a business in a different culture, it is central that you study what that culture is, so that you will succeed. What you want to do is swim with culture not against it. Your success will depend on it.

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