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How does cultural bias tie into a pedagogy based on the social conflict theory?

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Cultural bias is merely one of many different valences upon which a pedagogy based on the social conflict would focus.  For the pedagogy based on social conflict, there is a drive to explore and expose the different levels of bias in a social or communal setting.  Cultural bias is one of those elements, along with an economic frame of reference, as well as examination of other forms of perceptive analysis.  Cultural bias is useful for the pedagogical approach of social conflict because it continually provides different frames of reference behind why reality is constructed in different manners and who stands to benefit in such construction.  For the pedagogy based in social conflict, there is a constant antagonism between the exploited and the exploiters, the "outsiders" and the "insiders."  Cultural bias is one of many elements where this dynamic is present.  For the pedagogy rooted in social conflict theory, the exploration of this reality in its different forms is essential.  It is impossible for the pedagogical approach based in social conflict to not focus on issues of race and ethnicity as well as elements of cultural reality.

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