How does the courtroom and the town of Maycomb contribute to theme appearances can be decieving? Explain.

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The courtroom is a place which has the community completely segregated. The Negro community is sitting in the balcony that surrounds the court on three sides. The white community sits on the floor behind the attorneys and their clients. I always find this ironic because the Negro community sits in an elevated status here. Think about how prices are charged in theaters. The box seats in the balcony are the expensive ones... But the ultimate truth comes out that they are indeed less than as Tom Robinson's verdict comes back inaccurately.

The preview to the trial places the peoples all over the town as if it is a circus or parade. Folks lunch on the lawns and it is as if some entertaining venue has come to town. This is complete deception because there is nothing entertaining about what occurs during the trial, it is a complete tragedy.

The town of Maycomb seems also to support the Ewells in this case when the town would rather just give them under most circumstances "the back of it's hand."

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