How does the Constitution establish a culture of liberty?

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I think that the Constitution establishes a culture of liberty in how it enshrines it in the codified legal and social structure of the new nation.  The Constitution's Preamble highlights the importance of liberty, setting the tone with "secure the blessings of liberty" as the concluding goal of the Preamble.  I think the Constitution goes far in terms of being able to make good on this goal with the structure of government being one that enables personal and political liberty to flourish.  The Constitution outlines a government that does much to ensure that a culture of liberty is respected by American government in both its actions and its limitations.  I think that the various amendments do much to ensure that individuals are able to partake in opportunities and entitlements that become a part of a culture of liberty, seen in personal expression, voicing political dissent, and ensuring that the legal system protects one's liberty in issues of criminal and civil trials.  The culture of liberty that is established in the Constitution is evident in how popular sovereignty is an expressed principle in the document.  Ensuring that people have the ability to craft their own government and that they have a political voice in it are two ways in which the document goes far in establishing a culture of liberty for both the new and fledgling nation, as well as the nation that the document presides over today.

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