Constitution of the United States

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How does the Constitution balance the conflict between liberty and order?

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The expression of liberties and rights is the main way in which the Constitution creates a balance between liberty and conflict. There will inevitably be conflict between individuals attempting to express their own rights if those rights go against each other. For instance, the freedom of speech and the freedom to practice religion can sometimes conflict with one another (as hate groups can slander other individuals or religious groups can try to suppress free speech).

The Constitution does its best to outline the important rights and liberties that are protected, as well as their priority. The Constitution attempts to maintain as much liberty for every individual as possible, while also attempting to prevent major conflicts from occurring as a result.

The Bill of Rights is the primary document that establishes these rights and liberties. This document was starting as an appendix to the Constitution, and has been appended over the years to include new and important rights as they are...

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