How does this story connect to the the youth culture?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Your question isn't very clear unfortunately, so I am guessing that what you are referring to is how do we connect this masterful short story with today's youth and their issues and challenges. I guess the key theme of the story is how going "through the tunnel" for Jerry becomes a symbol of his passage from child to man - just look at how the relationship changes with his mother, for example, if you want to back this up. One of the principal issues with today's culture and society is that there are very few rites of passage or initiation ceremonies for boys that truly mark the cross over from childhood to manhood. This perhaps can indicate why we have the "messy" teenage years with a vague non-descript and very challenging period where you are neither a child yet nor are you recognised as an adult. This is one central connection you can make between this story and the challenges facing youth today. Hope it helps!