How do conclusions and recommendations contribute to the successful outcome and possible pitfalls of a research project?

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Essentially, the conclusions and the recommendations are the bottom line or main point of a research project in most business settings. A successful research project always has a well-defined focus that should lead to an actionable outcome.

For example, if you were doing market research for a clothing manufacturer that did not sell directly to customers, and your conclusion was that people preferred shopping in retail outlets with helpful sales people and bright lighting, you conclusion wouldn't be immediately useful. Similarly, if your research showed that people preferred no-iron clothing, and you company manufactured blue jeans, which people don't iron, your research would be useless. If your research showed that older women preferred jeans in darker colors with higher waistbands and younger women preferred tighter fitting jeans in light colors, you could make distinct conclusions and recommendations about ways to change your product line for different demographics in a way that would make your research a success in terms of contributing to the corporate bottom line.