Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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How does Conard uses contrasts to achieve his purpose(s) in Heart of Darkness and The Secret Sharer?

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Conrad is a master of dualities, contrasts, foils, doppelgangers paradoxes, oxymorons, and analogies.  In short, every major character has a double and every major element (symbol, theme, image) has a contrasting element.  Also, Conrad infuses his stories with Freud's psychoanalytic theories to show the dualities of human nature.

  • light vs. dark
  • good vs. evil
  • white vs. black
  • European civilization/colonialism vs. savage paganism
  • soul/heart vs. mind/body
  • Kurtz vs. Marlowe
  • The Captain vs. Leggatt
  • id vs. ego vs. superego
  • women vs. men
  • children vs. adults
  • water vs. land
  • sanity vs. insanity
  • faith vs. fear
  • secrecy vs....

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