How do computers create employment?I want to know the jobs computers have created.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Computers have created many different types of jobs.

First of all, you have the people who are actually manufacturing the computers and the chips and all the other parts that make up a computer.  Their jobs did not exist before computers.

Then you have the people who write software for the computers, all the people at Microsoft, people like that.

After that, you have computer repairpeople and people who will install your computer network and people who work at your school to maintain the network.

These are the major types of jobs that computers have created.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Computers create employment by making economic activities of all types more profitable. The jobs thus created indirectly by computers are much more than the the jobs created directly in computer hardware and software industry itself.

Computers make it easier to produce more of better goods at lower costs and sell it to more widely distributed markets. This makes it possible to use more of economic resources of the world, more efficiently. Such increased activities are partly due to greater efficiency resulting from use of computers for management as well as operational activities. This appears to act towards reducing the employment as the same amount of production can be achieved with less manpower. But the total increase in manpower due to increase in production is more than compensates for the reduction due to increases in efficiency and productivity.

In addition to increasing the total employment, computers have also helped to reduce the average level of drudgery of many jobs. Computers are now able to do many boring and repetitive jobs earlier performed by people. Computerized production processes have also contributed to reducing the need for people to be exposed to health and accident hazards in manufacturing activities. Now, with the use of computers, more people are working on jobs that make grater use of their intellectual abilities in comparison to their physical abilities. In this way contribution has also contributed to improvement in levels of wages and job satisfaction.

anthisteacher214 | Student

Along with programers and network administration you also have PC support technicians that work specifically on computers. Help desk technicians that answer phone questions about different problems that might occurs. Data base administrators tend to large databases for companies such as Walmart inventory and web designers are programers that write websites like this one. is a great source to find computer jobs just type computers in the job search engine and you will get a good list.

vampiric | Student

Computers have created employment in a lot of ways. My major is in security for the business sony :) Also is has created employment in the security field, networking field. last but not least is has made hireing a lot easyier