In Agamemnon, how does Clytemnestra explain to her husband about the absence of their son Orestes?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the section following Agamemnon's (Agamemnon) speech given upon his return, Clytemnestra tells her husband why their son, Orestes, is not at home. According to Clytemnestra, many rumors were heard regarding attacks on their home and Greece. Fearing that he "would have more holes in him than any net," Clytemnestra has sent him to stay in another city with Strophius of Phocis (a friend of hers). Now that Agamemnon has returned, and Greece is no longer in fear, Clytemnestra will be able to bring her son home. 

The reality behind the queen sending her son away lies in her trying to keep her affair with Aegisthus. She did not want him, her son, to see her being unfaithful to his father. She has also been planning the murder of her husband.