How does Claudius react to Hamlet's play?

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In act three, scene two, Hamlet has the players reenact his father's assassination during the play The Murder of Gonzago in order to unveil Claudius's innocence or guilt in the death of his father. Before the scene is performed, Hamlet instructs Horatio to carefully watch Claudius's reaction and see if the king begins to act strange or suspicious. At this point in the play, Hamlet does not fully trust his father's ghost and wants confirmation that Claudius committed regicide in order to follow through with the Ghost's bloody instructions.

During the Mousetrap scene, the players reenact King Hamlet's assassination. The actor playing the king lays down on a bed of flowers while another player pours poison into his ear. Upon witnessing the performance, King Claudius immediately rises and says,

Give me some light, away! (Shakespeare, 3.2.254).

Claudius then leaves the room and Hamlet and Horatio discuss the king's strange reaction. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern then inform Hamlet that Claudius is extremely...

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