How does Christina Rossetti explore the idea of sacrifice in her poetry?

Christina Rossetti explores the idea of sacrifice in her poetry quite extensively. The most obvious example would be in "Goblin Market," where Lizzie performs an heroic act of self-sacrifice to save her sister Laura. She does this by risking her life to obtain fruit from the goblins for her dying sister. Once she gets home, Lizzie allows Laura to taste the fruit juice from her face, which instantly restores her back to health.

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Some scholars have argued that the character of Lizzie in "Goblin Market " is a kind of Christ-like figure. Just as Christ saved humankind from its sins, so Lizzie saves her sister Laura from the consequences of succumbing to temptation. Laura was warned by Lizzie of the dangers of sucking on the goblins' fruit yet foolishly chooses to ignore her sister's sage advice. As with her friend Jennie, she suffers...

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