How does Charlotte Bronte maintain a sense of suspense throughout Jane Eyre?

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Bronte is able to maintain suspense in her novel Jane Eyre by showing mysterious happenings at Edward Rochester's home. Jane is warned about going into a specific room in the house. Here is where readers are cued into the fact that there must be something up in the attic that Rochester does not want her to see.

Not only is Jane told to stay out of the room, mysterious things happen when she is in Rochester's home. A fire starts abruptly, Jane hears horrible noises, and she comes to think that someone is watching her in both her bedroom and as she moves about the house.

In the end, as part of the climax and falling action combined, Jane comes to find out the Rochester is married to Bertha Mason, the woman hidden away in the attic of the Rochester home.

It is the mystery surrounding the unexplainable happenings at the Rochester home which maintain suspense for the active and engaged reader of the novel.