How does Charles Dickens show the importance of family in a Christmas carol? 

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The theme of family is a significant one in "A Christmas Carol," and the author's overall message is that in order to live a happy life you must take care of and embrace your family. You must have a happy home-life. 

Toward the beginning of the story Scrooge's adult nephew, Fred, invites him over for Christmas dinner and Scrooge does everything but shove him out the door.

“I want nothing from you; I ask nothing of you; why cannot we be friends?”

“Good afternoon,” said Scrooge.

“I am sorry, with all my heart, to find you so resolute. We have never had any quarrel, to which I have been a party. But I have made the trial in homage to Christmas, and I’ll keep my Christmas humour to the last. So A Merry Christmas, uncle!”

“Good afternoon!” said Scrooge. (Stave One)


It is obvious they are not close, but it is also obvious that this is Scrooge's fault and not Fred's. Scrooge could be a part of Fred's family and have a closer...

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