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by M. T. Anderson

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How does the character of Titus transform in the novel?

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Titus transforms because he becomes more than what he originally is.  In the outset of the story, Titus is a product of the world around him.  He capitulates to the condition of young people, in terms of partying, consumerism, and living life in accordance to the feed: "We went to the moon to have fun, but the moon turned out to completely suck.”  He is the embodiment of youth- "pissy and tired."  For Titus, consciousness means living out the feed's appropriation of reality.  Titus is a product of the feed and carries himself as such.  While there might be something latent beneath him, Titus is more than willing to acquiesce to the world around him.  It is one in which social acceptance and fulfilling the caricatures of youth are essential.  The "conformity" of marketing and acting in a manner where corporations play a role in determining behavior is a part of this.  Titus represents the world of what is, reflection of the condition of being where individuals affirm the...

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