How does the character of Gabriel in "The Dead" change throughout the course of the story; that is, how does his role change?

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bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the beginning of the party, Gabriel feels he's better than most of the people there. He's better educated and considers himself more sophisticated. He thinks Ireland is a backward country with backward traditions, embarrassed that his wife is from a rural part of Ireland. His life is very controlled and organized, but he has never been in touch with his passions and emotions. His experiences at the party and his wife's innocent memory of a former love force Gabriel to examine his life and life in general. He has always thought that the past should be left dead and the present was for the living. Gretta's memory forces Gabriel to rethink this view. As Gabriel looks out the window and sees the falling snow, he's able to connect with the past when he sees the snow as "general all over Ireland". He realizes the snow touches both the living and the dead, and we're left with the hope that Gabriel will change his attitude and embrace life to be able to free himself of his routines and passionless existence.

sagetrieb eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Before the narrator provides the beautiful image of the falling snow, he tells us that Gabriel’s “own identity was fading.” One reason his identity “fades” is that he understands his wife a good deal more after she tells him her story about the man who had “died for her sake.”  His compassion enables him to merge with her rather than understand her only in relation to himself.  In other words, he learns empathy.  In this context, his “role” in their marriage changes (we surmise0 so that in the future he will be more humble and understanding.  In the context of the short story, he experiences an epiphany, enabling him to “see” more than he did before—this, too, suggests a change in role, from that of one who does not understand (which the reader perceives through dramatic irony) to one who does

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