How does the character of Beowulf compare to the Character of Jesus?What character traits do both Beowulf and Jesus share?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a good question. There are similarities and differences. I will write about similarities first and then differences. In terms of similarities, they both are considered good and they both stand and fight for what is right and noble. This might sound odd to say about Jesus, but he is also described as a divine king and warrior, especially in places like Revelation 19, where he is depicted as a conquering king. He rides a white horse and he is wielding a sword. Also they also both have enemies and they also represent their people. With that stated, there are also differences.

In the New Testament, Jesus is chiefly portrayed as humble. He is the one who serves people. Even Mark's gospel says that Jesus came not to be served, but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many. He is also known for his love and the demonstration of that love is that he died for his people. Since these points get the emphasis, I would say that the differences are greater.