How does Celia try to cheer up Rosalind in the first scene in As You Like It?

Expert Answers
sensei918 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In As You Like It, Rosalind and Celia do not appear until Scene 2.  At the beginning of the scene, Celia is trying to cheer up Rosalind, whose father, the rightful Duke has been deposed and banished by Celia's father to make his way as best he can in the Forest of Arden. Naturally, Rosalind is upset, though trying to put a good face on things. Celia tries to talk her out of her bad mood by reminding her that she, Celia, is her father's only heir, and that , once he passes on, the dukedom is hers. She loves her cousin so much that she swears that she will give back the dukedom to Rosalind for her father should this happen. Rosalind accepts her offer and decides that the two girls should engage in some sport or other, like falling in love.  

Rosalind's father Duke Ferdinand has been banished by his own younger brother, duke Frederick.  Worried about her father, she is very unhappy and is thinking about her father's condition in the Forest of Arden.  Celia loves her very much though they are not born of the same mother.  So, Celia ties to cheer her up and tells her to be happy. Further she tells that once her father dies, she will be the only heir to his throne and will return everything her father has taken from Rosalind's father and if in future she doesn't go by her promise, GOD will turn her into a monster. Then Rosalind tells her that she would be happy from now onwards..........