How does Catherine accuse Raina and for what?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw, Raina Petkoff is one of the two protagonists of the play. She thinks she is in love with Major Sergius Saranoff, whom she considers a traditionally dashing romantic hero figure, but gradually becomes disillusioned with him for two reasons, her discussions about the real nature of warfare with the Swiss mercenary Captain Bluntschli and Sergei's attraction to the servant Louka. Catherine Petkoff, Raina's mother, is an upper class and quite patriotic Bulgarian woman, and very enthusiastic about Raina's engagement to Sergius.

In the first Act, Catherine is worried that Raina may have encountered the missing fugitive and is concerned for her safety. When she discovers that Captain Bluntschli is asleep in Raina's bed, she insinuates that she is concerned about the possibility of amorous misconduct, although she does not say so explicitly. In her conversation with Raina in Act II, she continues to express concern about inappropriate behavior and is concerned that Raina might be lying, and indeed attracted to  Captain Bluntschli and jeopardizing her engagement to Sergius.