How does Cassius praise Brutus in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare?

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In what has come to be known as the "seduction scene (Act I, Scene 2) " Cassius appeals to Brutus to join the conspirators by praising his sense of honor and equality, as well as his republican ideals.

  • Honor 

Brutus begins his "seduction" by flattering Brutus that Roman citizens look to him as a better leader than Caesar under whom they groan with "this age's yoke," or tyranny. Then, as Brutus asks Cassius what it is that he wishes to speak of, Cassius tells Brutus that since he knows what virtue lies in Caesar, "honor is the subject of my story" (1.2.98)

  • Equality

Arguing that Caesar has "now become a god," Cassius tells Brutus, although Cassius has had to help him when he had a seizure. Further, he tells Brutus that there...

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