How does Captain Bluntschli portray the image of a soldier in Act I?

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gretc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To begin with, although Captain Bluntschli is temporarily taking refuge in Raina’s room, he acts commandingly and warns that he has a gun. His appearance suggests that he has seen trouble, for he is “bespattered with mud and blood and snow” (5). However, his “soldierlike carriage and energetic manner” give Raina the impression that he can defend himself well, considering the fact that he just emerged from a gunfight. This helps her to surmise that he is an officer. He speaks about duty and death, still generally nervous about the shooting going on outside Raina’s home. Once he realizes that Raina’s family is about to discover him in her room, he prepares himself, like a soldier, for “a fight—a devil of a fight!” (6)

sanskritibookbound | Student

P.S.- and if you want a description of bluntschli and many other REAL, practical soilders like him, read- 'deluce et decorum est' and 'an anthem to the doomed youth' by wilfred owen, the greaest war poet of his time...

sanskritibookbound | Student

according to me, bluntschli as a soldier represent everything opposite of what raina has dreamed of a soldier(it is to be noted that her fiance is also in the army)... captain bluntschli represent the reality. he break the fantacy of every girl who dreams of a soilder in armour to her rescue, because thats not reality. reality is, a soilder in rugged and worn-out clothes; reality is, a soilder in a worn out condition; reality is, a soilder desperateto survive the goriness of a war... reality is, bluntschli and everything opposite of raina's fantacy...