How does Calpurnia handle the situation when she sees the dog coming down the street?

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In chapter 10 of  "To Kill A Mockingbird," Calpurnia becomes aware of the sick dog walking up the street.  The first thing she does is get the children, Scout and Jem, on the porch out of harm's way.  The next thing she does is call Sheriff Heck Tate and Atticus to tell them of the rabid dog, Tim Johnson.  They both arrive and Heck wants Attius to shoot the dog, but Atticus says he doesn't want to.  He relents because Heck says if he misses the bullet will go right into the house behind the dog.  Atticus hits the dog with the first shot and kills it.  This is important because the children were feeling that their dad was old and not like the "other dads" in Macomb.  This gives them a sense of newly discovered pride in their father. Calpurina's first responsibility was to make sure the children were safe.

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