How does Charlotte Bronte create the persona of a child narrator in "Jane Eyre"?

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mjush eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The question you need to ask yourself here is what you think a child-like persona means? Charlotte Bronte had some personal struggles as a child which made her an "outcast" from her peers. This no doubt made her senseitive and gave her insight and sympathy to the underdog. She overcame this and you see Jane Eyre do the same thing in the story. She had an inner strength and never took the easy road and felt she deserved better. Some may consider that a child-like quality to dream and have ideals and not just marry to get out of a bad situation but want to marry for love. In some ways, we can consider Jane Eyre ahead of her time. Her perspective here may in fact demonstrate child-like ideals but she can in some ways be seen as a pioneer as her women did not default to marry a man to better herself but dreamed to marry of love.

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