How does Byron's personality change over the course of this story?

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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Byron changes over the course of the story by becoming less antagonistic towards his family. In the beginning, he  goes out of his way to torture Kenny. He is always taunting him, or using physical force against him. He finds the gang life and causing trouble to be appealing. Their time in Birmingham brings racial issues and tragedy that cause Byron to be a good brother to Kenny. After the church bombing, Kenny is devastated. It is Byron who is able to make him feel better by telling him that Joey is alive because she went after Kenny and that it was incredibly brave of Kenny to go into the church. He also tries to explain to him how something like this happens. By would not have been this caring at the beginning of the story.

qazwsxplmokn | Student

In the beginnign of the novel, Byron is mean to Kenny. But at the end, after he had delt with his experiences in Birmingham, Byron begins to care more about his family

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