In "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry", how does the bus driver treat the Logan and Avery children differently?

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Very early on the text recounts how the the Logan children are being harassed by the insolence of the bus driver who takes the white children to school. Cassie tells

But as it was, we also had to worry about the Jefferson Davis school bus zooming from behind and splashing us with the murky waters of the road. Knowing that the bus driver liked to entertain his passengers by sending us slipping along the road to the almost inaccessible forest banks washed to a smooth baldness by the constant rains , we continously looked over our shoulders when we were between the two crossroads so that we could reach the bank before the bus was upon us. But sometimes the rain pounded so heavily that it was all we could do to stay upright, and we did not look back as often nor listen as carefully as we should; we consequently found ourselves comical objects to cruel eyes that gave no thought to our misery.

All the black children have become entertainment for the whites that ride the bus to school. In revenge, of course, the Logan's dig a ditch, that after it fills with rain, sinks the bus.

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