How does bullying affect people in Ray Bradbury's short stories? 

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I think that part of Bradbury's genius is that he writes stories that might be set in a future or distant land, but the realities of bullying and intimidation are inescapable even in these settings.  For example, Margot is bullied in "All Summer in a Day."  Margot represents how Bradbury identifies with the targets of bullying and intimidation in the modern setting.  Bradbury's support of Margot represents how bullying and intimidation casts a profound impact on the formation of individual identity.  This same element of identification with those who are the target of bullying can be seen in "The Veldt."  Bradbury's story is one on which the reader feels bad for the parents who are recipients of bullying treatment from their own children.  The coveting of technology and "objects" is where the parents are intimidated and eliminated, reflecting how Bradbury sides with the objects of intimidation and abuse.  In "There Will Come Soft Rains," there is a clear identification with those who are the targets of intimidation, as the world itself is a victim of such abuse.  Bradbury makes it clear in this story that the world's end has been the result of abuse and silencing voices.  In this, it becomes evident that Bradbury's articulation of the destructive effects of bullying can result in the death of society.

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