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The story of Brown Girl Dreaming comes to a climax and begins to reach its conclusion when it is revealed to the family that Robert, Jacqueline's uncle, has gotten into trouble and been put into prison, and that Gunnar, her maternal grandfather living in Greenville, South Carolina, is dying. The family visits Robert in prison and attends Gunnar's funeral, reconciling many of their differences and forming new senses of identity. Soon after, Robert is released and reveals that he has converted to Islam.

Most importantly, it is revealed that Jacqueline has finally begun to take the first steps towards utilizing her natural talent for storytelling and fulfilling her dream of becoming a writer. She becomes loosely involved in the black power movement, concerned with what she grew up seeing in segregated South Carolina, and is validated as a writer by her teacher. She ends the story with two poems that illustrate her beliefs and approach to writing.

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