How does Brinker get Gene and Finny to attend the mock trial?

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In A Separate Peace, "Brinker and three cohorts" came with a lot of commotion into their room at 10:05 and "half-lifted" Gene and Finny out the door.  They hustle them down the stairs, then direct them to the mock-trial. 

Better than my opinion, I can give you Gene's opinion as to why Brinker is so intent on investigating Finny's accident:

I had no idea what Brinker might say or do.  Before he had always known and done whatever occurred to him because he was certain that whatever occurred to him was right.

Brinker thinks he knows something about Finny's accident, and he thinks he's right.  And he wants to prove it.  Whether or not he has ulterior motives--such as wanting to expose Gene and see him put down--I don't know.  That would be speculation and guess work, unless some other textual evidence exists that I don't remember.  Which is possible, of course.

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