How does Brighton Beach Memoirs relate to history?

Brighton Beach Memoirs relates to an important time in history, as it is situated in 1937, between the end of the Great Depression and the beginning of World War II. The Jerome family's jobs and income are impacted, which carries more weight and historical significance coming out of the Depression. The Jewish family also begins to read about Hitler in the papers and must prepare for extended family who are fleeing Europe to come and live with them.

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Brighton Beach Memoirs is part of a trilogy by Neil Simon, many of whose works are well regarded for their ability to present a "snapshot" of what life was like for regular people during some very powerful chapters of American history. The year in which this play opens is 1937, which is before the war, but right in the middle of the Great Depression. It is vital to note that these years of the early twentieth century are regarded as a time in which America grew from a sleepy, post-colonial, and isolated country into a powerful global presence, with a new place in international relations. It was the time in which the whole world went through what might be called the "birthing pains" of truly entering the modern era. Historically, it is difficult to underestimate the importance of this time.

Most of Simon's scripts take place in New York City, which was at that time, much as it is now, considered a place of action and progress and something of a "melting pot" for diverse groups of people,...

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