How does Brian see and hear differently from when he first crashed into the lake?  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Over time, Brian undergoes significant changes in both his physical and mental states of being as a result of his experience in the wilderness.  One such change is that Brian becomes more aware and attune to his surroundings as a result of the plane crash.  He does not waste anything and conserves everything, as it might be of use later on down the road. This level of sensitivity and resourcefulness only happens because at first he engaged in panic and hyperbole, with a sense of greater focus emerging over time.  Another distinct change is that he understands the sounds of the wilderness in a more clear fashion as he interacts more with the environment.  At the start of his experience, he was unable to differentiate sound and patterns of natural creatures.  Over time, he able to distinguish between different species and also become more aware of a predator moving closer to him.  This awareness becomes a skill that he refines over time, allowing him to endure and eventually triumph over the natural conditions that envelop him.