How does the brands that Primark sale benefit the business?

Expert Answers
Michael Ugulini eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The brands that Primark sells benefit the business through providing its customers with products across multiple category ranges. The retailer doesn’t just sell clothes, although it has a reputation for its affordable fashions. The company also sells homeware, beauty products, confectionery, as well as accessories. Therefore, it earns revenues and profits by being a one-stop shop so-to speak. It has more than 270 stores.

Primark’s brands include “early days”, “Rebel”, “Little Rebel”, “YD”, “Young Dimension”, “Atmosphere”, “Ocean Club”, “Love to lounge”, “Opia”, “no secret”, “Denim Co.”, “Secret Possessions”, and “Cedar Wood State.” With these numerous brands, what Primark sells benefits its business through appealing to a broad age group of men, women and children.

For example, Primark’s 2014 collection of women’s fashion includes print trousers, sandals, drawstring bags, high-waisted denim shorts, denim dresses, playsuits, daisy headbands, and ankle boots. In addition, its 2014 collection for women includes denim shirt dresses, rings, jackets, vests, necklaces, and hats. This wide variety of products helps its overall revenue by giving customers the opportunity to purchase products from multiple clothing and accessory categories.

Primark is also selling limited edition necklaces. This helps its business through offering attractive and elegant jewelry that appeals to customers of this niche. Furthermore, this jewelry results in add-on sales for the company. A customer may purchase a nice clothing item and want to accessorize it with a fine piece of jewelry. Therefore, the company gains additional sales this way. This is akin to a supermarket selling canned soup and having a display of salted crackers next to it. One product feeds off the other and boosts the store’s sales. This is the same with the fashion clothing and jewelry paradigm.

rachellopez | Student

Primark sells a huge variety of things in their store, not just one particular category. With all the options they have and all the different brands to choose from it will appeal to everyone. I feel like businesses that sells one thing that maybe only certain people are interested in, they will get less business because only those people will shop there. If a company only sells shoes, people may have to make multiple trips to get everything that they want, so they will tend to go to a multi-purpose store and get everything there. That is why places like Walmart that sell groceries, clothes, home improvement, toys, etc. will earn more money than a small business focused on one thing.