How does the boy in The Road show how hes matured?

Expert Answers
kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the outset of the story, the boy is constantly overwhelmed with fear and his father has to reassure him that they are going to be ok. It is clear that the father is also full of despair having seen the things he has but he is trying to put forward a ray of hope for his child who seems unable to believe that things can turn out in a positive way. The boy slowly begins to gain some confidence and to gain an understanding of what his father is sacrificing in order to help him.

As he grows stronger he begins to assert himself. He tells his father that he must stop starving himself in order to allow the boy to eat. He sees that his father is sick and cannot live much longer. The boy also demonstrates compassion towards others, though at times this gets them into more trouble, and it demonstrates his growth and strength.

Eventually the boy realizes that he is going to have to try to make it on his own and he ends the story putting his trust in a stranger after mustering the strength to say goodbye to his father.