How does the book Animal Farm relate to Collective Agriculture?

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I think that the issue of collective agriculture is addressed in the statement rendered by the work regarding political authority.  The fact that Orwell shows a political setting that is completely "top down" in terms of the pigs running the farm with no check or limitation reflects how issues like collective agriculture embolden the state over its people.  The central thesis behind collective agriculture is that government is able to exercise control over agriculture and the means of production.  This is seen in the pigs' determination as to how life on the farm will run.  At the same time, one of the realities that have to be navigated in such a condition is what will happen if there is no limitation to such centralized notions of power.  I think that the issue of collective agriculture and the risk that is run when government has far too much power over the lives of its citizens is seen in Orwell's work as how the pigs display their power without any voice of dissent.

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