How does the book 1984 connect to Nazi propaganda?

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In addition to the information offered above, the memory hole and rewriting of texts in 1984 is similar to Nazi propaganda and action.  There were often times when books were burned by the Nazi regime so that the information in them would not be accessed by citizens for fear that this information might contradict the ideologies of the Nazi party.  In 1984, documents are sent down the memory hole and texts are rewritten so that they present the current ideology of the party under Big Brother.  So, the distribution of information in the novel is similar to that of the Nazi party.

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I think that this book is connected to all propaganda and not really just to Nazi propaganda specifically.

The one thing I would say that is especially similar is the emphasis on the Two Minutes Hate.  What is distinctive about this is the fact that it is a communal thing.  The people all get together to demonstrate their hate for Goldstein and whoever else.

This is similar to Nazi stuff in a couple of ways.  First, the Nazis did do a lot of public rallies like that.  Second, much of their propaganda did center around hating other people.

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