How does Bob Cratchit's attitude toward Scrooge differ from his wife's in A Christmas Carol?

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Bob Cratchit respects Scrooge and is happy he has a job. He even wants to make a toast to him on Christmas eve. Bob's wife, however, seems to hate Scrooge. She probably dislikes the man because she sees how hard her husband works and how little he is paid. She also has a young son that will die without medical attention and Scrooge does not pay Cratchit enough to get proper medical care for Tiny Tim.

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In Stave 3, the Ghost of Christmas Present takes Scrooge to observe Christmas in the Cratchit house. Scrooge sees that they do not have much. The clothes of the women are old and worn, decorated with ribbons to make them beautiful. The best shirt of one of the sons is one that was handed down from his father and Tiny Tim is quite sick. He also sees that they are a happy family and full of love for one another and the spirit of the season in spite of the things that they lack.

As they sit around the fire after their meal, Bob proposes a toast to Scrooge, referring to Scrooge as "the founder of the feast." His wife gets upset and says that she wishes that Scrooge were there so that she could give him a piece of her mind. Bob reminds her that it is Christmas. She agrees then to toast Scrooge for the sake of her husband and because it is Christmas, but not out of any affection for Scrooge. Bob's wife seems to see their situation as the fault of Scrooge, while Bob seems to have no resentment toward Scrooge.