In "Cathedral," how does the blind man, Robert, give the narrator new vision?

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Robert has developed certain strong personality traits just because of the fact that he can't see. Like all blind people, he has had to depend on others. This has caused him to develop trust in people, something lacking in the narrator, who reveals himself as suspicious, defensive, jealous, and slightly hostile.

The narrator doesn't like himself. He is an underachiever. He doesn't like his job. He is socially awkward. He has an inferiority complex. He has no religious faith. He has no friends. He has no children and is  in danger of losing his wife, who is getting tired of his fecklessness and negativity. They live in a cheap apartment in some nondescript  neighborhood. His only interests are in drinking, smoking marijuana, and watching television.

One reason the narrator is apprehensive about the blind man's visit is that he fears it will interfere with his routiine. He might not be able to drink as much as usual. He probably won't be able to smoke pot or watch television. He is...

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