In A Streetcar Named Desire, how does Blanche's world of illusion compare to Stanley's world of reality?

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In Blanche's world of illusions, she is an aristocrat, still enjoying the benefits and popularity of a Southern Belle from a prestigious family, and from the gorgeous Southern estate of Belle Reve. In her fantasy world, she is still surrounded by gentlemen callers, has friends in all high places, and enjoys the admiration and protection of them. Also, in her world, she is an instructor of English, a respectable woman, an elegant and beautiful younger woman, and with the world ahead of her.

Stanley's world is dirty, ugly, and sweaty. He lives on the bare minimums with his wife and he is happy to beat her up each time she gets on his nerves. He enjoys lots of drink, poker with his pals, and smoking in the house. He demands full attention from his wife, and his co-dependence to her shows the nimbleness of his character. He knows what is going on with Blanche and he detests her. He is more than willing to rape and commit her than to have her rule over his wife.

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