How does Blanche's desperation to be the dominant figure eventually result in the tragedy that befalls her, in A Streetcar Named Desire?Thank you!

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Blanche, one of the main characters in Tennessee Williams' play A Streetcar Named Desire, is certainly desperate to be dominant. Throughout the play, Blanche continually tries to control Stella, Stanley, and Mitch.

She tries to control Stella by trying to force her to reconsider her relationship with Stanley. Blanche also tries to control both Stanley and Mitch through her sexuality.

In the end, her inability to be the dominate character in the play leads to her downfall. By not being able to control anything going on around her, Blanche's already unstable mind begins to deteriorate further. It is the rape which pushes her into complete insanity.

By pushing against Stanley's strong character, Blanche forces him to do the one thing that she could not overcome--physical strength. It is the rape, therefore, which is the end for Blanche. Her inability to control, or dominate Stanly, was the one thing which led to her ultimate demise.

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