What makes Bill Gates successful?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are surely many factors that have helped Bill Gates to become successful.  Some of them are his own doing while others are not.

Part of Bill Gates’ success must be credited to his upbringing and his family situation.  His father was a successful and prominent lawyer and his mother was a school teacher.  This gave Gates the sort of family background that would allow him to get a good education and to be financially secure enough to take some risks.

Second, a part of Gates’ success has to also be credited to luck.  He was lucky to go to school with Paul Allen, who was also very talented and with whom Gates became partners.  If the two had not met, it is possible that neither would have become as wildly successful as they became by working together.  Gates was also lucky to be growing up at a time when computers were about to become more important in people’s lives.  Had he been born 15 years later, it is possible that he would not have been so successful.

Finally, we must not forget Gates’ talents and determination.  He was willing to take risks, such as the risk of dropping out of college.  He was smart enough to learn from his early experiences.  As one example of this, he learned that he needed to push IBM to make Microsoft the exclusive supplier of operating systems for their home computers.  This took insight as well as determination and bravery.

In these ways, we can say that Bill Gates owes his success to a variety of factors.  Some of them are mere luck while others have to do with his abilities and his personal characteristics.

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