how does Bernard respond when told he will go to Iceland? Why?

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bernard finds out that he is to be replaces at the Hatchery and sent to Iceland when he gets to the Hotel with Lenina.  He calls Helmholtz and Lenina overhears John say, "What" He's looking out for some one to take my place? . . . So it's actually decided? Did he mention Iceland? You say he did? Ford! Iceland. . ." (121).

At this point, Bernard hasn't discovered Linda and John, but the stress of having to move to Iceland is on the back of his mind as he continues with his journey to the Reservation.  Once Linda reveals her story about how she was left pregnant on the Reservation by an Alpha who returned to civilization, named Tomakin, he makes the connection that it is his boss Thomas who she is talking about.  In response, he constructs a plan to discredit Thomas, save his job, and save his social status by bringing Linda and John back to face him. It works and Thomas runs off humiliated.

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